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Shirikisho Party of Kenya, P.O. Box 84648-GPO 80100 Mombasa Office, Githere Plaza, first floor Haile-Selassie Avenue.


The Problem.
Corruption has reached endemic levels. Service delivery by public officers has been severely hampered by it. Services are offered on nepotism and ethnicity bases and for monetary gain. The whole public sector is involved. This has erased public confidence on the governance system and has threatened the rule of law. Many Kenyans are faced with hardships unnecessarily due to corruption.

The Executive has in many occasions interfered with the judiciary process, this is a manifestation of abuse of office; The judiciary is under the influence of the rich. The police force has not been empowered to prevent crime and prosecute lawbreakers. Due to poor working and living conditions their morale to perform their duties efficiently has been compromised. This has exposed them to engage in corruption. The culture of people I authority and politicians to interfere with police operations has led to the force to be manipulated observing orders from above and from people with influence.


The Provincial Administration has for many years engaged in corrupt such as land grabbing, misappropriation of development funds, eviction of indigenous people from their land and illegal collection of money from wananchi as Harambee or for the services they offer. The civil service has been characterized with corrupt activities, particularly the Immigration and registration of persons department for instance they frustrate wananchi by taking too long to issue Identity card and passports to deserving people. However, those with money to offer get these important documents without delay. This also has lead to many foreigners to acquire such Kenyan documents.

In the Lands department, handouts have always influenced service delivery; illegal transaction is the order of the day. In government hospitals, artificial shortage of drugs is a common practice caused by corrupt health workers. Essential services from the local Authorities are unavailable, substandard roads and buildings, piles of uncollected garbage, poor town planning, are daily happenings. All these are caused by rampant corruption in the local authorities. Financial institutions and state corporations are collapsing due to big corruption scandals such as Anglo leasing and Golden Berg. All these indicate that the rate corruption in the government circles is too high.


Policy Vision
Shirikisho desire to see a country where quality services shall be delivered on the basis of need intended to benefit the society as whole and not just a few individuals. The Party envisions a country free of corruption.


Shirikisho will:

1. Ensure that recruitment in the civil service and all government agencies is devolved to the regions and done openly and transparently based on merit putting in mind the affirmative action to the marginalized this will be handled by professional bodies.

2. Will put in place performance assessment mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the performance of the public officers and take appropriate steps against non performing officers.

3. Strengthen and improve the existing anticorruption and devolve its operation to the regions.

4. Expand the Judiciary both in terms of personnel and facilities to clear the backlog and determine the matters urgently.

5. Improve the working living conditions of the civil servants.

6. Transform the entire civil service and make it professional its operations and make accountable to wananchi.

7. Ensure that the government tendering system is open and transparent and assessable for taxpayers scrutiny.

8. Ensure that all Local Authorities prepare and publicize their development planning and implementation.

9. Ensure that all properties and money obtained through corrupt means are repossessed and publicize and the culprits prosecuted.

10. Devolve the issuance of passports and Identity cards and ensure that the limit for acquiring the said documents is strictly 7 working days.

11. Sensitize the wananchi to participate fully in preventing and fighting corruption.

12. Prevent and person with the history in corrupt activities is not appointed or elected to a public office.

13. Ensure the independence of the office of the Auditor General and empower the said office to produce quarterly reports and their recommendations be implemented and publicize.

14. Ensure that we amend the Secrecy Act so that to empower the media freedom to access information.

15. Ensure that freedom and independency of media is guaranteed with the emphasis on  upholding professionalism and internal regulation.